Our home stagers combine many years of design experience, an appreciation of current trends in decor, and expert knowledge of the home purchasing process to create inviting spaces with broad appeal to a wide range of buyers. 我们的房屋售前展示专家结合多年的设计经验,根据当前装饰设计潮流,并结合房屋购买流程的专业知识,来营建全面吸引买家的温馨空间。

From space-challenged urban condos to luxury estate homes, we expertly design and stage both vacant and occupied properties to achieve the maximum return on investment in the shortest period of time. 从具有空间挑战的Condos到豪华的住宅, 无论是空房还是有家具以及有人居住,我们专业售房展示设计,都能在短时间内以实现最大的投资回报。

How we work 工作流程:

  • During our complimentary estimate process we determine your unique needs and budget, and tailor our services to fit. 在我们的免费评估过程中,会根据您的特定需求及预算,量身定制适适合您的服务。
  •  Using a proven approach, our home staging experts evaluate each home inside and out, recommending the strategies that will create the most engaging presentation. These range from lighting, furniture choice and placement, art and finishing touches to landscaping and exterior enhancements. 使用行之有效的方法,我们的售前展示专家会对每个房屋内部和外部进行评估,并提供可行的建议及展示策略。范围包括照明、家具选择和布局、艺术设计和装饰,景观及外观美化等。
  • We draw on the extensive inventory of furniture and accessories in our warehouses, selecting from traditional, transitional, modernist, contemporary and emerging trend collections. We continually source new items and home elements, and use gallery quality artworks to complete the picture. 我们会从大量家具及配饰的收藏库里,选择具有传统的、当代的、现代的、及新潮趋势的饰品。我们会不断地根据新项目及家具新元素更新家具及饰品库存,用专业品质艺术饰品来进行整体的房屋展示设计。
  • We offer comprehensive staging services and can take care of everything needed to get a home ready to sell. Or if you prefer to do it yourself, we can provide the guidance you need. We can also coordinate almost every kind of service that may be needed to prepare your home for the market, including painting, repairs, landscaping and so on.  我们提供全面房屋售前展示设计及服务,准备一切房屋售前所需并直到房屋开始销售。 或者,如果您愿意自己做,我们可以提供您需要的指导。 我们也可以协调其他类型您可能需要服务如刷漆、维修、环境美化等,以准备您的房屋上市。

Occupied Homes已有家具房屋

Once we have had an opportunity to visit your home and evaluate your existing furnishings, we can recommend how to employ them to their best advantage. We will refine and enhance your property with additional furnishings, accessories and artwork from our own large inventory and resource networks. We can also provide many other services or recommendations in order to assist you in preparing your home for sale. 如果有幸拜访及评估您现有的家具,我们会建议您如何摆设以体现其最佳利用。我们还会根据需要建议您租用或购买一些补充家具,以提升家具效果。我们也有大量艺术家具库存和资源网络,可以提供一些其它服务及建议以帮助您准备房屋上市。

Vacant Properties and Show Suites无家具及展示套房An empty home or condo, no matter how attractive or beautifully finished, is a lonely and puzzling prospect for a home buyer. HomeDec’s designers provide life, style and purpose to vacant spaces. In addition to vacant home and condo listings, we specialize in staging display suites and homes for major developers and custom luxury home builders. 一套空的房屋或公寓,无论多么精美或吸引人,还是会令购房者人有一种孤独迷惑的感觉。 HomeDec的设计师在空空间里设计出的是一种生活方式,及生活目的。除了服务于空房屋和公寓上市,我们还专门为住宅建筑开发商设计制定豪华家居及套房展示。

DIY Consultations DIY咨询

Preparing to sell your home can be daunting, so HomeDec offers in-depth consultations to give you a practical road map to follow. We spend from one to three hours (depending on the size of your home) evaluating every aspect of your home inside and out. We will then provide you with detailed recommendations for de-cluttering and furniture placement, as well as important curb appeal elements like landscaping and exterior considerations.出售房屋的准备工作可是个艰巨的任务,所以HomeDec经过深入的磋商,给你一个实用的方案。我们的专家会花一到三个小时(根据您家的大小)评估您家的每一个方面。然后,会为您提供一个去杂和家具布置详细的建议,以及外观环境美化的建议。

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